bms sod slide

bms sod slide

$295.00$345.00 ex GST

Removes damaged strips of greens turf.

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The sod slide is a priceless piece of equipment for repairing damaged strips of fine turf or for cutting and removing turf prior to working on irrigation pipes.

The two slides stabilize the cutting blade and glide smoothly across the green surface while allowing the blade to cut a strip of sod at a fixed 20cm depth.

Hydraulic oil leaks or pesticide overlap damage can quickly be removed and replace almost invisibly with healthy turf from your nursery, spare or practice green.

• It cuts sod at a fixed 25mm depth and allows you to replace sod seamlessly.
• Simply push the sod slide to easily and very cleanly cut and remove a strip of turf 3 inches wide.
• Available in 3″and 6″
• Replacement blades available