custom recycled plastic signs

custom recycled plastic signs


For many years, our recycled plastic range has been the cornerstone of outdoor signs for the Golf and Turf Industry. Whether it be Car Park, Tee Information, Custom Message, Wetland Areas or Clubhouse Precincts, our CNC Routed plastic signs continue to stand the test of time. High Density Poly Ethylene, (HDPE), sheeting, along with High Density Plastic Bollards and posts are suitable for almost any application.

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Custom messages are engraved using our CNC Router. They are then hand filled using exterior grade paint, to ensure a perfect long-lasting finish. Our extra-large cutting bed, (2400mm x 1400mm), has the ability to produce signs to almost any size. Our recycled plastic signs can be supplied in many different colours such as:
black, white, beige, green, grey, red, blue & yellow.

Hand crafted with a philosophy to provide products to enhance your property surrounds and course, our David Golf Signage group can produce custom signage of almost any style to suit your requirements.The photos on these pages are only some of the ways that signs can be designed. Just some thought starters. You tell us what you would like of need and we can provide the artwork for you