cyclone precision nozzle

cyclone precision nozzle

$60.00 ex GST

The Underhill Cyclone nozzle has the highest flowrate of all the Precision nozzles.



The purpose of this nozzle is to cool greens on a hot afternoon. The spray pattern is designed to be incredibly broad so that the operator can cool the green very quickly.

Use the Cloudburst (blue) in the mornings for spot watering, and the Cyclone (red) in the afternoon for cooling and syringing.

TASKS: Pre-game skins watering, heavy watering of large areas, ideal for hydroseeding (50+ GPM)

• Made of durable brass & stainless steel components
•The open orifice design will not plug with grass clippings, soil or sand, as will most conventional shower nozzles.
• 50+ GPM