drip tray

drip tray

$89.00 ex GST

Used to prevent spills and leaks from entering the sump area.

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Drip Tray

This shallow drip tray is a great all-rounder to collect any spills or drips. The resistant polypropylene construction makes it an ideal catchment tray for oils, fuels and most chemicals. Use to prevent any unwanted drips, spills or leaks entering the environment, no matter what size the job is.

This tray is shallow enough to fit neatly and discretely onto shelves and is excellent for lining shelves in safety cabinets, cupboards and storage lockers to prevent contamination of items on lower shelves.

• Prevent spills from coating products below in the cabinet
• Polyethylene tray to suit the shelves of 250L and 160L cabinets
• Features a series of shallow horizontal ridges on the internal base of the tray
• Easy to clean
• 47mm high x 1000mm wide x 400mm deep

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