dy-mark golf marker

dy-mark golf marker

$102 per box | $8.50 per can

Dy-Mark golf marker is exclusive to David Golf & David Turf.
Temporary, turf friendly marker.
Sold in boxes of 12 cans.

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Dy-Mark’s Golf Marker is a quick drying marking paint designed for temporary applications to grass and fine turf applications.

β€’ 350g can
β€’ Ideal for landscaping and sporting grounds
β€’ Quick-dry formula (10 minute dry time)
β€’ Low toxicity formula does not damage grass
β€’ Designed for use with Dy-Mark Long Arm Handle & Spot Marking Handle
β€’ Minimum temperature for use is 5 degrees
β€’ Can produce 80–100 metres of line per aerosol can (depending on line width) or cover 4-6 sqm
β€’ Sold in boxes of 12 cans

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