emergency shower with eyewash

emergency shower with eyewash

$1,500.00 ex GST

Flush hazardous contaminants and irritants from eyes and facial area

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Emergency Shower with Eyewash

Emergency safety shower features a deluge shower combined with a eye/face wash station. Additional options can be added to this unit such as a foot treadle to activate the spray nozzles and a drain bowl to drain away any contaminants. Please select your options from the drop down menu above.


An emergency safety shower aids in swiftly washing away contaminants from the body using a surge of water, accompanied by an eye/face wash unit to remove harmful substances from the eyes and facial region. The marine grade 316 stainless steel build ensures exceptional durability and dependability.


  • Combination shower with eye/face wash with optional drain bowl and foot treadle
  • Premium marine grade 316 stainless steel
  • Engineered OptiStream spray heads with self-opening protective dust covers
  • Fully compliant with Australian Standard AS4775-2007
  • Pull handle operated shower activation valve
  • Drain bowl to direct eye/face wash flushing water to waste


Emergency safety showers are ideal for use in any environment which runs the risk of accidental exposure to chemicals and dangerous goods such as manufacturing plants, laboratories, mining, factories, storage, agriculture and turf, printers, recreation or aquatic centres and other places with chemical or dangerous goods storage.


• Please note there is a 5 – 7 working day lead-time for an Emergency Shower with Eyewash

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