ezi action drum pump

ezi action drum pump

$295.00 ex GST

The Ezi-Action drum pump can dispense anything.

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The pump presents superior quality, durability and features that surpass anything on the market today. Investing in this solution is a sound choice that will last for decades to come. Constructed from top-quality materials, the mechanical design is economical and streamlined, making for a swift manual transfer of fluids.

It connects with drums, totes, pails, IBCs– as well as to boats – to provide you a solution for every situation.

• Polypropylene and polyethylene construction (chemical resistant)
• True double action pump, innovative, easy, patented pumping technology
• Delivers on both the up and down stroke with continuous fast flow
• Anti-pumping safety device
• Pumps from the base of the container, all contents emptied
• For 205 litre drums. Also suitable for 100 litre drums
• Output per stroke: 400ml
• Maximum depth: 930mm
• Width of spout: 20mm. Spout opening fits 25mm diameter extender hose.
• Width of case pipe: 41mm

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