general purpose bin spill kit

general purpose bin spill kit

$395.00$495.00 ex GST

Ideal for spills on roads, car parks and unsealed surfaces.

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All absorbents and kits are made in Australia by Australians. This allows us to customise, maintain quality control and supply continuously.

All wheelie bin kits are supplied with an audit tag and have pre-drilled holes for audit tag insertion so users can readily identify if the kit has been opened. It also helps prevent the kit from being used as a rubbish bin. All wheelie bin kits contain appropriate and prominent UV resistant signage and include a document storage pocket to hold and protect instructions for use and re-order forms (supplied).

• Rapidly absorb coolants, degreasers, paints, blood, bodily fluids, oils and fuels as well as mild acids and bases.
• Spill kit housed in a light blue wheelie bin to protect contents
• Absorbents supplied will absorb all liquids

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