quick claw

quick claw

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Keeps Quick Coupler valve body from loosening in the ground – prevents dangerous situation during valve operation

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When quick coupler valves become unscrewed from swing joints, it’s more than just a hassle – it can be dangerous. The Claw™, new from Underhill®, offers a simple solution. Embedded in the soil below the quick coupler, and then securely attached to its base, The Claw provides significant resistance to rotational, vertical and horizontal motion, preventing the valve from moving. Made from high strength ductile iron, this compact anchor attaches easily with a single steel bolt.

Underhill’s Quick Coupler Claw securely attaches to the base of the quick coupler valve. Once embedded in the soil, the Claw prevents movement of the quick coupler. It will fit inside most valve boxes and, unlike similar products, there is no need to cut the valve box to make it fit, This benefit saves valuable installation time while also retaining the structural integrity of the valve box.

• Easy retrofit installation. Installs without removing valve or valve box.
• Provides significant resistance that prevents the valve from moving.
• Attaches easily with a single steel bolt
• Made of one piece ductile iron and stainless steel
• Available for 3/4″, 1″ and 1 1/2″valves

• Installation Instructions
1. Install swing joint and quick coupler valve
2. Engage hex portion of the quick coupler valve with the hex portion of the Claw and tighten bolt
3. Set quick coupler valve as required, back filling and compacting soil around the Claw.

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