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Ideal for sports fields, golf courses, driving ranges,or supplement watering in other areas where an irrigation system is not available.

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The Tracker™ T-400 offers a very economical solution for supplementing seasonal watering needs. It is ideal for irrigating athletic fields, cemeteries, or other large campuses where an underground system is impractical.

Built to last with precision German engineering and high quality materials, this portable powerhouse can irrigate an entire football field in just two passes.

Tracker™ T-400 requires minimal labor to operate. Powered by water, it pulls itself along a nylon cable and automatically shuts down when it reaches the end of it.

Simply connect Tracker™ to a 1” (25 mm) reinforced heavy-duty hose (which can be connected to a water supply at the end or sides of the field). Unroll the cable and anchor it to a stake at the opposite end of your field. Then set the speed control (which controls the application rate of the water) and turn on the water.

Water Source
The Tracker™ requires at least 9 GPM (34 l/min) at 50 psi (3,3 bars), which is typically available from 1” (25 mm) or larger pipeline. Larger areas may require up to 15 GPM (57 l/min) at 85 psi (5,4 bars).

• Tracker can irrigate 2650m2 every 8 hours.
• Requires minimal labour to operate.
• Adjustable speed control: 6-22m/hr.
• Standard full or part circle sprinkler.
• 110m nylon cable provides irrigated length of 122m
• 22-25m pass width.
• Automatic shut-off at end of pass.
• Water turbine drive and gear box.
• Galvanised anchor stake.
• Includes 1″ brass quick-connect adapter.
• Materials: Aluminium, Brass, ABS.
• Minimum water pressure: 50 PSI.
• Hose required: 1″

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