turf dethatcher

turf dethatcher


The purpose of the fds9200 Turf Dethatcher is to remove thatch from the root zone before overseeding and to allow for faster air, water and fertilizer penetration. and landscaping operations.

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  • Perfect for golf courses, sports fields, parks and landscape constructions.
  • Less intrusive alternative to verti-cutting.
  • Variable tension settings for use on different component areas.
  • Evenly spread topdressing and sand.
  • Increased thatch removal for healthier turf.
  • The tines relieves surface compaction to help water, air and fertilizer penetrate the root zone quickly.
  • Articulate to conform to undulations and steep slopes.
  • Easy monitoring & tensioning adjustment.
  • For dethatching from light to aggressive.
  • Long-lasting hardened tines are more durable and more responsive to aggressive turf conditions.

LIGHTWEIGHT, FLEXIBLE AND RESPONSIVE.  The fds series Turf Dethatchers are engineered to handle a variety of surfaces, from the contours and undulations of a golf course to the flat surfaces associated with sports fields, race tracks and equestrian arenas. No longer limited to using tractors for handling, the latest series of dethatchers offers a Quad (ATV) transportation option. As a result of new and innovative engineering and easier transportation options the latest fds series can be seen and used at all types of Equestrian sports facilities (Horse Racing tracks, Polo fields and Show Jumping facilities included) and Cricket, Rugby, Baseball, Aussie Rules, Gaelic Football, Hurling, Field Hockey grounds and more.

VERSATILE.  The fds series high speed Turf Dethatchers help to prepare turf for overseeding and are seen as a less intrusive alternative to verti-cutting. The easy height/downward pressure adjustment feature of the tines allows the operator to quickly go from evenly spreading top dressing to “tickling” the turf.

INCREASED THATCH REMOVAL FOR HEALTHIER TURF.  The fds series Turf Dethatchers have spring-loaded tines to help create tour quality fairway turf conditions and relieve sports’ field or track surfaces compaction. They quickly allow water and fertilizer to penetrate the root zone as well as quicken germination of all types of grass seed.

MAINTAIN QUALITY OF SYNTHETIC TURF.  The fds series Turf Dethatchers reduce the G-Rating in athletic fields to make artificial turf feel like “real grass.


fds9200 tm – Tow behind tractor.

  • Dimensions: Operating: 93 – 46” ( 234 – 117cm )
  • Tines: 256 – 16” spring steel music wire
  • Tyres: 2 – 4.10 x 3.5 – 6 ply tyres

fds9200 sport – Tow behind compatible gator, quad or workman.

  • Dimensions: Operating: 93 – 46” ( 234 – 117cm )
  • Tines: 256 – 16” spring steel music wire
  • Tyres: 2 – 13.0 x 6.5 – 4 ply tyres

Please note: The actual product is black with yellow tines.

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