turf microscope

turf microscope

$350.00 ex GST

This a great tool for any turf professional who needs a more detailed view of the Health and Quality of their turf.

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Three tools in One!
1)  25x Microscope
2)  8x Monocular
3)  3x Loupe

When the 3x Loupe and the 8x Monocular are connected together, they become a Powerful 25x Microscope!

• Easily Inspect the Quality of cut of your Turf Grass at 25x Power!
• Identify Physiological Conditions of your Turf Grass such as Diseases and Nutrient Issues.
• Built Light Weight & Portable
• Fully Coated Optics
• Rubber Eye Piece can be used with or without Glasses
• 20mm Objective Lens