big gulp ultramax plus

big gulp ultramax plus

$115.00 ex GST

Super high capacity water removal suction pumps

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Whether you need to remove water from sprinklers and valve boxes or other areas or devices, UltraMax Series Pumps are the ideal tools for the job … huge capacities and the smoothest pumps you will ever use.

  • Sure-Fit Discharge Hose – stays intact.
  • Super high-capacity water removal suction pumps.
  • Mud guard included: Built in filter minimises clogging and makes pumping easier.
  • The only pump that completely disassembles for easy cleaning.
  • Contour Grip Handle – no busted knuckles.
  • Removable Head Assembly – easy to clean.
  • Heavy-Duty Polycarbonate Cylinder Body – made to last.
  • Pump Shaft, Aircraft Aluminum – virtually unbreakable.
  • Removable Intake Filter – easy to clean.
  • High Volume Cylinder Body.
  • High-Grade Discharge Hose.
  • 36” pump chamber.
  • 1035ml stroke.


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